4 plane trips, 3 metro cards later and nope, we are still not married yet.

Been meaning to post this since Lucy and I got back but I did not know where to begin…rather than over thinking it all, I just decided to write with the flow and post it, so I apologize for the long post but I made sure to include many images to make it an easier read for this wonderful Friday.

So, Lucyand I have been back for a few week from our trip to Asia and upon coming back, a flurry of congrats made their way to us in forms of email, facebook and even face to face. “Congrats!”, they say. Lucy and I look at each other…for what? To which they respond, “for getting married!!” Ohh…(face palm)…that!! Hahaha…we are not married….yet. =P

So I am going to have to start from the top here. So on September 12, 2012, I proposed to Lucy and she accepted (more on that here). Images courtesy of close friend and talented photographer Sandy Tam!

Since then, we have been riding the roller coaster that most of our couples ride that is the wedding planning and working with family. We have consulted with many of our couples throughout our career and we had an idea of what to expect once we got engaged. Dare I say it, we experienced the more “human” side of wedding planning. Relatives with their 2 cents, whispers in the ears of parents, auspicious dates, ancient Chinese traditions which cannot be explained (ie.why do I need to put evergreen leaves in my wardrobe?)

Lucy being Taiwanese, follows the tradition where there is an engagement party that happens before we are “officially” engaged. This party includes the delivery of the dowry, a mini tea ceremony, a ring exchange ceremony where I too get some bling of my own and a lunch reception. This was November 18, 2012.

When parents asked about a date, Lucy and I joked about having a December 12, 2012 wedding. We were not serious, however our families…fine…my family took it up with the Chinese calendar to see if it would be a good date. They concluded that although, 12.12.12 was a good date, 12.13.12, would be an even better date!!! Before we could object, they somehow enveloped me in a trance and I too became excited about having our Chinese wedding on December 13, 2012. This was crazy!!! How are we going to pull off a wedding in less than a month? We concluded that there was no way we would be able to put together a wedding with our own style in such a short period of time so with some negotiating with parents, we decided that December 13, 2012, will be the tea ceremony day. But what joyous occasion can be had without a dinner reception? We obliged and that is when  people already started to congratulate us and where our parents consider us married. Following photos courtesy of the talented Chris Luk!

Now, back to why I started this post. The next stop was our Asia receptions. Notice the plural on receptions. We start off in Taiwan where we went to a karaoke place almost every day. I must admit, the thought of having my parents and Lucy‘s parents all living together and spending every day together for 2 weeks was a little nerve racking, but it all worked out! We were all like buddies! Check them out singing their hearts out!!

Lucy and I in the reflection in the mirror.

Look how Lucy is always camera aware.

Reception day prep.My goofy brother Rob. I am so glad he made it for this trip, not sure what I would have done without him.

While we were waiting for guests to arrive, Lucy suggested that I photograph her like I would my brides. Hehehe…was a little weird but fun at the same time. Photographing my bride to be.

I had my brother shoot the following frame. The second “reception” was in Hong Kong. This was just a small dinner and dim sum though with my grand uncle who is 97 years old!!! He was sharp as a whipAnd finally….we arrive in my dad’s village in China.

Again…always camera awareFalling apart but a collection of photos from my family. The first one is from my mom and dad’s wedding.

All dolled up and ready for #3.

The next image was a screen shot from my iphone of  how the reception ended. Can you guess what was going on?  Here’s a clue.

If you still don’t know…here’s a video taken from my phone.


As evidence in the first 45 seconds of the video…I am clearly not a pyro. All in all, an amazingly short but eventful 2 weeks. Lucy and I are not officially married yet, but we can’t wait till this coming July when we become official.

Happy Friday everyone.




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