5 Tips for the Best Wedding Photographs in Bad Weather

So for the past few weeks we have been in Taiwan for a family affair so we decided to make a mini trip out of it. With that, we were confronted by rain almost EVERY….DAY…Ergh….then we hop to Korea and it’s actually pretty cold, ergh…Makes travelling the way we do a little more challenging especially with baby. All this got me thinking, regardless of how much planning you put into something, there can always be something that is beyond your control. The same goes for weddings and other photo sessions. Because of this, I thought that it would be a good idea to write a few tips on how to get the best wedding photos in bad weather.

Here we go…

  1. Plan back-ups for your backdrop.
    I tell all my couples when we meet to think about a backup location. Your venue may have had the perfect backdrop for your photographs, but on the day of your wedding, it’s a muddy disaster. Have a secondary location in mind in case the prime spot is no longer an option.
  2. Warm up to weather the storm.
    You don’t want to rush your photographs because you’re too cold and uncomfortable. So be sure to have hand warmers handy, a steaming hot thermos of tea, and a shawl can keep those goosebumps at bay when you’re braving the elements.
  3. Give props to a good umbrella.
    Plan ahead and bring umbrellas for your wedding party in case the weather turns. It may be a necessity, but it can also be a fun accessory. Many couples have made the most of rainy weather by styling matching black umbrellas for a classic look or bold wellies for a pop of colour. In case you were looking for umbrellas, be sure to check out local supplier http://www.whiteumbrellaco.com/.
  4. Pack a pair of flats. What on earth! No one likes it when heels sink into the muddy ground. Tell your bridesmaids to save those Louboutins from the all-terrain trip by packing a pair of flats.
  5. Embrace the inevitable.
    Bad weather can provide the most dramatic effects for your photographs if you embrace it, instead of letting it ruin your day. The best photographs are the result of a happy couple that are willing to endure a rainy afternoon for the sake of capturing their special day. Focus on why you are there instead – it’s your wedding day!

With that said, here are a few examples of images that were taken in pretty crappy weather.


Carmen and Andrea’s destination wedding was awesome despite the crazy downpour of rain that came on and off so we worked with it. The storm clouds also offer quite the drama to the images.Andrew and Kate’s engagement session was super cold and rainy. With a good attitude and the umbrella, we got some awesome images of the two.

And finally we have Gloria and Colin’s wedding. A storm was rushing in and by this time, there was already a drizzle. However, upon walking back to the reception hall, I noticed this awesome spot right by the parking lot. Seconds after this image was created it poured!!Fungke Images - Gloria and Collin's Wedding, 0J4A2310 2012811, August 11, 2012

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