Brandon Wong’s Baptism

Brandon Wong's BaptismIn the spirit of trying to keep my posts current and real time, this one comes to you a month late…so sorry! On Sunday March 22, 2009, I found myself at church, although this time I was not covering a wedding but something totally foreign to me! Joee asked me if I could document his son, Brandon’s baptism. I was honored but also nervous…partly because I did not know what to expect and what photos would come of it…mostly because I am shooting this for Joee who I see not only as a my mentor, my boss, but my friend. When I gave the images to Joee, he was joking about whether or not we can still be friends based on the images I deliver to him. Here are some of my favorites of the day.Brandon Wong's BaptismBrandon Wong's BaptismbrBrandon Wong's BaptismBrandon Wong's BaptismThis series was magical to me. Brandon was crying at the time but when the priest came over and touched his head with some ointment, Brandon became instantly calm.Brandon Wong's BaptismBrandon Wong's BaptismBrandon Wong's BaptismBrandon Wong's BaptismBrandon Wong's BaptismSuffice to say that Joee and I are still friends.

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  • JoeeApril 22, 2009 - 10:35 pm

    Bro, you are awesome man. Thank you so much for your gift of documenting my son’s baptism. It was a real important and special day for our families and you and Lucy did an awesome job covering this !