Becky and Alan’s backyard wedding!

It’s not often that I get a chance to venture into northern ontario, I mean, the last time I was for Andrea and Ed’s engagement in Tobermory, and according to Wikipedia, that was not considered really northern. However, when friends Becky and Alan told me that they were getting married in the backyard of their water front home in Sturgeon Falls, this city slicker was ecstatic!

I first met Becky and Alan years ago, before I became a photographer. Like the technology geek I am, I was working at a local computer shop and had consulted with them on their laptop purchase for work/school. Crazy as it sounds, I still remember the laptop models they purchased and what’s more, they told me that the laptops are still working!! Easily over 5 ipod generations which is quite a while when you think about it. Since the day they popped into the store, we found the time to catch up over meals, email, phone or  over the years. It’s amazing that we kept in touch and I was super excited and honored when they shared their big news and asked if I would document their special day. Here are some images of the couple of days that I was there.


Becky, Alan, thank you so much for having me be part of your special day. Thanks Spencer for helping me out on this awesome wedding!!


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