Deirdre and Rob are Married

This would be my second time shooting with Margaret and I was glad I came along as I got to meet Deirdre and Rob who were just a great couple to work with. I recall that the day was weird in the it would rain every now and then which posed a challenge for photos. Despite this, Deidre and Rob rolled with the punches and stayed very patient and optimistic.

img_9426Because the weather was a little iffy, the lobby of the hotel lended itself to some nice photos. img_9397


img_9594I always love looking at these photos. It reminds me how happy the bride is to be among family and friends.


although I Deirdre and Rob were looking at Margaret for this photo, I liked the framing of my shot.

img_4971img_9696img_9749love this photo because of the way Deirdre is looking at Rob. If I was to add a caption it would be. “You are amazing.”

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