a good day

Gasp!! a blurry image on the blog…yes. deliberately taken if I may add. yes, I actually switched the lens to manual focus and took the above image with the intent of everything being out of focus. Now…let me try to explain.

Since I began my journey as a full time photographer some 5 years ago (wow…it’s has already been that long?!), I have been fortunate to have most the support of my friends and family. Yes, most, it’s not to say there are those who did not support me, it was more like they had envisioned a different life for me. My father is the biggest advocate that of that different life. One of increased stability and financial means. Like many Canadians he was an immigrant, with no more than a high school degree, he began working as a waiter, made his way into the kitchen and somehow came across food production where he started his own labour of love and worked at it since (Hence my love for noodles). My father is one of the hardest working people I know and it is because of him and mother that my brothers and I enjoy the quality of life that we do today.

So with that accomplishment, it is no wonder that he wants me to follow in his path, so that I too can provide for myself and my family. Although this may be true, sacrifices were made. Growing up, family time was a luxury as making money was priority. To a certain extent, making money is definitely a priority, but there is never enough money to be made. Although Lucy and some of my friends will tell you that I wrestle with this decision a lot, nut I feel that the need to find a balance between making money and enjoying life is my priority.

A good day to me is going to work at something I love, having the time to spend with my healthy family and friends and being able to share new experiences with them all and although you need money for that, it’s not the priority.

So to explain my blurry image…(what a tangent huh?). Photographers would argue that the image is incredibly underexposed and what’s more..it’s blurry!!! Although with my professional work, I agree (I hate blurry images and I shy away from delivering them to my couples.) However I feel that this image is about not conforming to the rules and what the masses prefer while still being able to create something beautiful.

Lastly…the title of the post…”a good day”? Well, I created this image yesterday evening while roaming around downtown. I noticed the sunset beyond the every day herd of cars that make up the rush hour traffic. I instinctively needed to take my camera out of my bag to take a few frames, while creating these images, I thought to myself, this was a great day. Yes, how uncreative huh? However it’s the truth, and that truth lead me to think about the above and how grateful I am for the life and the opportunity I am given by my friends, families and couples.

Happy Friday everyone and BTW, it would be interesting to see what a good day means to you.

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