A New York Getaway

Woo hoo NYC!!! It’s been a while since Lucy and I had a chance to visit New York, so when Sandy and Albert suggested a road trip it there, we were in! Of course, this was no regular trip. We did have some objectives that included going on a gastronomy exploration, shopping of course) but above all, we gave each other the task of taking photos of each other since being photographers, we don’t get much time in front of the camera.

I have to say, I kinda dreaded the first day…we were going to be trapped in the confines of my car for a minimum 8 hours. Not fun…however, with good music and good company, I surprised myself and drove the whole way there in 10 hours…with a couple of stops of course. Without more, here are some of the photos from the trip.



The next images depict Lucy in a nutshell…she’s into food, into beer and into shooting….cameras of course. (pew pew pew) undefined



One element of this trip I did not mention was this…there was a secret plan that just came to be on this trip. Selina, Albert’s sister, was proposed to by her then boyfriend (now fiance) Kelly. Wanting to throw her another surprise, he wanted Albert, Sandy and Kai’s visit to New York a surprise too! So he devised a plan that involved hiring a “local photographer” by the name of Ken Wong…(the first name that came up?) played by myself to take engagement photos of them! I, Ken Wong, along with assistant Lucy met Selina and Kelly for the first time at their hotel lobby. We welcomed them and began our photo session, we took a couple of steps toward the main doors, turned the corner when out popped Sandy, Albert and Kai! Selina was totally blown away!!! Mission accomplished Kelly! With that, our group took to the streets in search of good food and good light. Here’s what we came up with.

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undefinedundefinedAnd now, Albert and Sandy’s turn =)


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