au revoir Paris

Ok, so….i’ve had waaaaay too many pastries on this trip. If it’s not the smell of the buttery croissants, it’s the delicious looking pain de raisins, the chausson pommes, the pain de chocolats, the sweet nutella crepes and the list goes on. I have accepted that all the walking I have done on this trip thus far is really to work off all the stuff I eat. Thankfully, Lucy and I share most of our meals and snacks.

In any case, I wanted to give you guys a quick update on everything. Lucy and I now find ourselves in Venice. We’ve only been here a few hours and already we’ve had an amazing plate of pasta (no way I was sharing that with her) and a calzone, ok, we shared that…With that said, I wanted to share with you a few more images from our last days in Paris. 



When it comes to meals, eating out does take it’s toll on Lucy and I. There are many times where she craves a home cooked meal or a nice hearty soup. It is for this reason that when we book a place to stay, one of the many requirements is that it has to have a kitchen. This evening, Lucy made a hearty meal pasta with a chicken vegetable soup. Sure hit the spot. BlogRET_DSCF0555BlogRET_DSCF0373BlogRET_DSCF0397

This is not my first time visiting Paris, however, every time I see the Eiffel Tower, I am in awe of it’s size and how it was constructed. It is simply amazing to me. When we finally visited the tower that evening, I really wanted to get a good view of Paris. Lucy’s not one for heights, but I am so proud of her. When I casually suggested that we could walk it up, she reluctantly agreed. So, up we went.BlogRET_DSCF0404BlogRET_DSCF0391BlogRET_DSCF0396BlogRET_DSCF0414BlogRET_DSCF0423BlogRET_DSCF0431BlogRET_DSCF0438BlogRET_DSCF0491BlogRET_DSCF0531BlogRET_DSCF0539BlogRET_DSCF0545BlogRET_DSCF0567

I don’t follow fashion, but while we were roaming around one day, we came across a huge crowd. Curious we made our way though and guess what? We found ourselves at one of the fashion week events. To be honest, it was not an event as it was just models and designers (i think) making their way to the event, but still cool!


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