Centre Island

it’s been a while since I put out a personal post and in light of this beautiful weekend we just had, and it just so happens that I brought my camera with me, I have some photos to show =) This past weekend was H.O.T!!! I tagged along with Lucy  to celebrate her friend’s birthday on the Toronto Islands and it was busy. I think it was almost 2 hours before we got onto a ferry. At one point, we were all cleared to get onto a ferry when we realized that the gate closed in front of our friend Ed. With the mentality of not leaving anyone behind, we waited for the next ferry, which gave me some time to capture a few of the following images.

Once at the Island, we were told to look for hearts and markings on the ground as waypoints, now, because we took the wrong ferry =P, we were roaming the island almost aimlessly trying to find these things until finally!!! We found one!! Sorry, no pictures of the food this time, too busy eating and staying away from ants. Here’s an image of the beach instead (i know….not the same..)

Alright fine…here’s an image of Ed who looks like he wants to eat one of those geese. Yummy light….wanted to grab some images of Karen the birthday girl and her boyfriend Evan. What a cute couple…=)

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