CUBA Part 1

Happy Thursday everyone…Due to the cold cold cold weather we’ve been getting here my mind has been wandering to warmer climates which lead me to share with you this blog post of my trip to Cuba with Lucy and two of my close friends Jen and Ron.

I have to say that I was never one for a “relaxing” type trip. I always much prefer the trips that involved exploration and the experience of different cultures, not to mention the food of course. However, in keeping with trying new things and just having a trip with friends, the Sandals Royal Hicacos resort in Veradero was the place we picked to get some much needed R&R.

I must say that my first all inclusive experience was quite awesome. I now know what people mean when people tell me they did absolutely nothing on their vacations. At the resort, I was spoiled with soft sand, gorgeous weather, falling asleep on the beach, having drinks served to you with those tiny umbrellas (it does not take much…i know). Of course, the company was not bad either.

In any case, please enjoy the photos…

As a photographer, I find myself behind the camera more often than in front of one. As a result, I, let alone Lucy and I don’t have very many photos of each other together. Such is also the case for Ron and Jen. It was then that the idea of taking a day and taking photos of each other was born and here are the results of Ron taking photos of Lucy and I.

Photos of Ron and Jen will follow soon.

Thanks Ron!!!

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