ENGAGEMENT: Andrea and Edward

On September 17, 2010, a small contingent of Torontonians, travelled into the unknown and unfamiliar with the promise of good food, good friends and good fun. This was the setting for Andrea and Edward’s engagement shoot weekend extravaganza. I met Andrea and Edward for the first time over a cup of coffee one evening where we got better acquainted. Although we touched on their wedding vision, the majority of the conversation was about their work, how they met, their favorite movies, and hobbies. I found out that they were lovers of the great outdoors and that they love to go camping, through this, they found out that I have never been camping or to a cottage, what can I say, I am a city boy! It was then that they told me they had an ask. I paused as I did not know what to expect, I sheepishly agreed to listen to their request. Andrea and Edward looked at each other for a brief moment  where I swear a message was communicated telepathically (Hey! That’s what couples in love do!!). They asked if I would entertain the idea of spending the weekend with them and their friends in Tobermory to photograph their engagement. They then told me that we would be staying at a cottage which is a balance between enjoying the great outdoors sans the camping in the rough. I agreed and the rest is as you say, history.

As I went through the photos from this session, I relived many of the moments I shared with Andrea and Edward and their friends that weekend. It became apparent to me that there was no way this would be an ordinary post, there was a story to be told in this session, as a result I will be posting images mini adventure in addition to the engagement photos. Enjoy!

After loading the cars full of food, clothing and supplies, we were off! It did not seem long until the convoy needed make a pit stop for some food.

After photographing Andrea and Edward a little, I was reminded at how hard it is for this couple to be serious. They were always making each other laugh and smile. See what I mean?The cottage was beautiful. It had a rustic kinda feel to it but was also very warm and cozy. I have to admit that I would totally consider going to a cottage after this experience.After an amazing hot pot meal, the group (Andrea, Edward, Derek, Joanna, Benet, Karen, Lucy and myself), enjoyed a beautifully star lit sky and warm fire outdoors where Andrea and Edward shared with everyone their story of how they met and how Edward proposed. It was a great evening.Something I forgot to mention, there was the promise of good food, and at first I thought it was a bunch of take out. Not the case here, Andrea and Edward are amazing in the kitchen and the BBQ. Andrea makes these light and fluffy eggs they are to die for, as for Edward, when he puts on this hat, he becomes king of the BBQ. He made home made mini burgers, an amazing rack of lamb and flavorful steak a la “SPM”. After an amazing lunch, we set out for the town for some photos. There were the “usual” photos, but upon our return, Lucy and I noticed this magical light in an open field. We had to pull over frogger over some traffic to get the following. Andrea and Edward were amazing to be so, cool with these spontaneous mini shoots.On our last day, we hiked 30 minutes and spent another 20 minutes strategically climbing down a rockface into a cove. I have to say it was quite dangerous given we were travelling with everything. There was one point where I thought we would forgo this location because it seemed too dangerous, but Andrea and Edward did not let this roadblock stop them. We figured out a way to get down there and boy was it worth it!   

Phew, we are at the end of the post! Thanks for taking the time to check out this unique engagement session. Andrea, Edward, thank you for inviting Lucy and I to spend the weekend with you both and your close friends. We had an amazing time together and we cannot wait till your wedding!!!
P.S. Happy Thanks Giving everyone!!!!!


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