Enrica and Art are engaged!!

When a great couple and great light is found, magic just happens. This is how I photographed Enrica and Art’s engagement session just two weeks ago. Being city dwellers, we decided to shoot in downtown Toronto.

Couples always ask me about locations and timing for photo sessions. There are so many variables and answers to that question that I explain to my couples that for me, I focus on 3  important factors get great images and I would like to share this with you today.

Of my 3 important factors, I would have to say that location is the least important. Although, my default answer will always be, to pick an environment that has significance to the relationship. Where you first met, a first date, a first kiss or the location where he proposed! This will give the image a lot more meaning and depth. The location will conjure up all the great memories you shared together. It also puts you at ease since the place is familiar. With that said, the images are ultimately about YOU and your love for each other, not the location.

Of course!!! We need light to make images, otherwise, you would get a bunch of black frames and that’s just as fun as watching the static channel on your TV. But I am not talking about any light here. I look for a certain quality of light over the quantity of light. So I often tell my couples to hide in a shady spot on a bright sunny day, or I will put them right into the beam of light that is just cutting through buildings. Light is important as it helps create a mood, focus and accentuate the important parts of the image. YOU!

We all have hearts, that’s a good thing, but let’s face it, when your heart is not into doing something, chances are, it’s going to turn out half assed. I can attest to that with my grade in school. When you are not interested in something, you are just going through the motions, but when you are super passionate about something, you are anxious (in a good way), you smile and laugh more, you even talk faster (at least I do on occasion). You are just happier and you don’t need to think, you just do it. The images are about you and your love for each other, focus on that and everything just fades away.

Enrica, Art, sorry I went off on a little tangent up there, but I had such an awesome time documenting your love for each other and I wanted to share my formula for making great images with everyone else. You guys are amazing and I can’t wait for your wedding!!!

Have a great weekend!!

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