Gloria and Collin are Married!!!

What to say about Gloria and Collin. For starters, they are a kind, laid back and fun couple to be around. Albeit, Gloria’s humour is a little fobby but I get it all and we have laughs every time we get together.

I started my day with Gloria getting ready before Collin’s arrival. In addition to the series of challenges Gloria’s bridesmaids put Collin through, he was asked to say why he loves Gloria to which he delivered a very touching and real statement full of emotion.

I still remember the moment when Collin first saw Gloria after he had completed his challenges. It’s that look that I have mentioned in past posts, the look many of my couples give to their other half. The look that speaks volumes about their love and commitment for each other. It was super sweet. So sweet in fact that when we heard that the outdoor ceremony they had originally planned needed to be brought inside due to rain, it did not phase the two of them at all. Even when it came to the creatives Gloria and Collin worked it until the rain gave us a little break which we took advantage of.

Here are some images of the day.

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