Grace and Michael celebrate 30 years

Well, what do you know…I dusted off the ol’ blog today after hibernation and it’s still a go! Hahaha….(yes I laugh to myself). Some of you may know that Lucy and I had our first child right before the winter holidays and as a result, my time has been dedicated to them, hence the slow blog. Our now 4 month old keeps us on our toes and we could not be happier.

Which brings me to this post. I photographed Tang ParentsTang ParentsTang ParentsTang Parents5003_20141014_Tang_A64R5629rGrace and Michael earlier this year. The portrait session was something that their kids Adrianna and Adiran had gifted to them in light of being their 30th wedding anniversary (isn’t that sweet?!) The session was fun and eventful, I  hope to be as happy and well connected after 30 years of marriage. Here are a few images from the session.


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