IMG_0453Holidays have been a busy time. With all the family and friend get togethers it’s really easy to lose track of it all. With that, I find a few moments to myself to reflect on this past year and what it has done to shape me. This is actually taking me longer than I thought to write…there are just so many things that I have failed, changed, tweaked, succeeded and improved upon that I don’t know where to begin.

A recurring theme however is my family and friends. This past year, I married the ONE. She has the ability to infuriate and calm me in the same conversation. The one who accepts me for me. Lucy is amazing to me and I am so glad that we are starting our life together. The whole wedding experience was stressful in most times, however it has reminded me about the importance of having great family and friends.

To keep this short, I just want to thank all my friends and family for such an amazing year. Your support and friendship mean a lot to us and we can’t think of anyone else we would rather have to share in new experiences. Here’s to another great year!!

Happy New Year.



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