guess who?!

So I have been over seas on vacation with Lucy for the past couple of weeks and although I have been blogging like usual, I have been trying to come up with a creative and fun way of telling all of you that I am away without saying…”umm…hi…I am on vacation..” or something to that effect.

It was not until some friends showed up tonight that gave me the fun way of saying…”hey..some friends are over…and not over at my place kinda way” hmm…maybe I over thought this whole thing.

In any case, guess who just arrived!?!?

Sandy and Albert!!!! Of course, we could not have started the trip without some late night snacks!! This is why I love travelling in asia!! It’s 1am and we can still get tasty street food!! More about the trip soon. If you can’t wait for “official” blog posts, follow my Tumblr here with quick snapshots.…hi…I am on vacation =)







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