Helen and Enoch are Married!!

There was so many photos that this wedding took me a little longer to blog. Last month I had the pleasure of helping out Leon for Helen and Enoch’s wedding in Vancouver, British Columbia!!! I started my day with the guys and I am glad I did because I got a chance to taste some of the best sushi I have ever had in a while. The day went very well, I was especially excited to be able to photograph in different locations around Vancouver.

The ceremony was held at the Museum of Vancouver, which was a beautiful venue with nice light. I really wish we had better weather conditions but we managed to squeeze in a few creatives at the Vancouver Convention Centre, Stanley Park and Granville Island where the  reception was to be held.

Leon, Gigi, thanks for having me out to help you guys for Helen and Enoch’s wedding, I had a blast with them and hanging out with you guys.

Here are some of my favorites. Be sure to also check out Leon’s pics of the day.

The above is one of my favorites. I love the moment Helen had with her mum when she was being given away by her dad.

This is one of my favorites. Leon and I were getting ready for our next shot, we left Helen and Enoch for two seconds and when we looked up, they were both mesmerized by the rolling ball sculpture nearby. They were like children in a candy shop.

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  • lucyMay 26, 2010 - 3:17 pm

    i love the “children in a candy shop” shot. it’s just so.. natural. 🙂