it’s muffin time!

img_0416“muffin time it’s muffin time, won’t you have these muffin’s of mine…” Apart from photography, I would love to say something like…I love to bake or cook, but I unfortunately can’t add that into my pallet of skills.  Lucy and I have been entertaining the idea of cooking and taking photos of our masterpieces just for fun. This would help us learn more about photography, lighting and we get to eat what we make! This weekend I decided to make muffins. Now, I must confess that this is not a receipe from scratch, it’s actually one of those powder mix ones where you add water and bake. However, I added a twist to it. Crushed some blueberries and added it into the mix and in 20 minutes! Cha Chang! Nothing stellar I know, but I think an admirable first try. One of the muffins even had that Tim Horton’s Fruit explosion like sensation to it because the blueberries clumped together! *yum*

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