Jasmine, Adhir and the swarm of extras

Happy Thursday everyone. This week is just going by soooo fast! I wanted to share with you another engagement shoot with one of my lovely couples that I had the pleasure of shooting this past weekend. We sure lucked out weather wise. Unlike the windy and slightly cold weather we had the day before when shooting Jessica and Vince’s session, the Sunday was mild and warm, I was actually really warm because I thought I learned from the previous day so I bundled up and I told Jasmine and Adhir to do the same. They must have thought that I was crazy when I gave them that piece of advice.

Regardless of what the weather had in store for us, we had a great time creating these casual images at the Don Valley Brickworks, I know, they changed the name to Evergreen Brickworks now but the rebel in me refuses to heel and call it by it’s new name. Just like how the multi purpose stadium with opening dome situated in downtown Toronto will always be called the SkyDome to me, not the Rogers Centre (I know…I am a rebel). Opps..there I go off topic again..sorry.

What I wanted to say was that Jasmine and Adhir were a pleasure to shoot, Jasmine could not stop laughing, for every “serious” type image we have of her, there are bound to be a couple of images that followed where she was smiling or laughing. At one point I was creating a series of images for them and a swarm of extras showed up demanding some face time!! It’s better that you see it so I refer to the following animated GIF (it’s a big file so please let it load).

In case you guys missed it and think that I am a few sandwiches short of a picnic…here is a close up of  Jasmine and Adhir and those “buggers” (hehe, i don’t get too many opportunities to use puns). Those things kept up with them throughout the whole series…talk about agressive.

Jasmine, Adhir, I know that we all had our share of bugs that evening, but you guys were amazing to have gone through this all smiles. Here are the rest of my favorites from the session.

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