Jennifer and Gordon are Married!!!

Sorry I have been off the blogging wagon for a bit. This season has been quite busy and although I have posts lined up, my top priority is to get completed files to my couples.

Meet Jennifer and Gordon, well, you may have seen them already when I posted a snapshot from their wedding. If you have not seen it, it can be found here.

When I first met Jennifer and Gordon, they told me about all the travelling they had done recently. Italy, Rome, Amsterdam, Belgium, Hong Kong and Tokyo just to name a few. As I am writing this they are touring somewhere in France. Their love for travel, great food and adventure  was inspiring. Just following their facebook updates make me envious of all their travel!

With all this travel, Gordon can be quite a romantic. He proposed a top a tower one evening in Belgium. Gordon joked that he did it there so that Jennifer had no where to go once they got up there. hehe…needless to say, she said “Yes”, which takes us to their wedding day.

After Gordon overcame the hurdles that were the door games the bridesmaids set out for him and the tea ceremony, we found ourselves at at the University of Toronto’s, Trinity Chapel where Jennifer and Gordon tied the knot. Here are some images of the day.

The incredibly talented Maggie Ng at work =)

The above image was created by Kevin and I absolutely love it!!  Do you see the layers?


Congrats guys and I would like to thank Spencer and Kevin for helping me out for this wedding.

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