Jerina and Amit are engaged!!

Funny how connections work. I am fortunate and quite proud to say that 90% of my couples are all referral based. It’s such an honour when past couples refer me to their friends and family. It’s an honour and huge compliment because it means that I not only deliver great images and memories, but a great overall experience to my couples. This is the case with Jerina and Amit.

I met Amit what seems like a lifetime ago when I was working in retail sales. Amit was the rockstar there!! He was just amazing at sales and it had nothing to do with tricks. It was all about cultivating a relationship with clients which translated to them being loyal to not only the store but to you. Amit would not have to work and be on the sales board. Naturally I gravitated to “style” of salesmanship because it’s genuine and honest. I was never as good as Amit but I would like to think that I was close. Building relationships with clients just felt natural and the right thing to do, rather than sell based on quotas.

Now I digress…years later we keep in touch here and there and Amit refers his close friend,  Jasmine and Adhir to me who are just two amazing people. Shortly after Amit gets engaged to a sweet and bubble bubbly Jerina who always…ALWAYS has a smile on her face. Needless to say since I am blogging it, they ask that I document their special day. Not to mention the number of other couples he has referred to me. It’s taken me 3 paragraphs and my friends, especially Suzanne, will now say…get to the point!! I guess I am just really happy and fortunate to have friends and couples refer me to their friends to document their special day. It’s great being able to see past couples and hang out with the same crowd.

I am going to stick with image making/visual story telling and not storytelling via words, here are some of my favourite images from the session.

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