Jessica and Vincent are Married!!!

It’s been almost over a year since I first met Jessica and Vincent. Like many of my couples, they were refered to me by their friends. After a few email exchanges, we finally met. Over tea we discussed their connection to my past brides and a past bridesmaid which led them to me, thanks Winnie!

In discussing their wedding and how they wanted to remember it, I listened to their story and learned that they met while in university and although they all hung out in a larger group, they were the only two who shared a passion for a TV musical that was on at the time. Of course, none of them knew what the future had in store for them. They naturally spent more and more time together…as friends of course. Vincent would teach Jess how to play guitar, they would watch the TV series together and just like that, their friendship grew to some much much more.

After school, Vincent left to work in Edmonton while Jess pursued her work back here. Despite the distance, they always made time for each other, whether it would be a quick visit or a phone call, they were inseparable! Which leads us now to their wedding day. Surrounded by friends and family, the day was simply amazing. Here are some images of the day.




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