Jon and Sara are engaged!

Jon, a bright and talented designer in my Rye High days. We were in the same program for 4 years and got to know each other here and there as we shared classes. Since graduating, facebook was how we kept in touch. Stalking each others status updates and comments were how we kept in touch.

Then, he proposed to Sara, a lovely super kind teacher who is always happy and smiling. Together they make such a great couple. They kind of remind me of Lucy and I as I am more “serious” and introverted and Lucy the more extroverted; sing and dance her heart out in the car (yeah, she does that) type. It just so happens that Sara does this too…on occasion. Since meeting Jon and Sara, as a couple, I begin to see Jon in a different light. He is still a bright and talented designer, but he’s also got his quirks that Sara brings out in him. This was more apparent when we shot their engagement session a few weeks ago.

One of our first meetings was at their home in North York. I really like their place and how they furnished it. Jon will modestly say it’s all from Ikea, but I can tell you that there are many times where even Ikea can go wrong. There was just something welcoming about the space that spoke to me about them and their personality. I knew from that meeting that I would love to document their engagement session in their home.

Sure enough, months later, when we began talking about where they want their shoot their engagement session, their home was one of their top places as it is where they spend the most time together. Here are some images from the shoot.

Jon, Sara, your wedding can’t come any sooner!!

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