Bon soir, from Paris!!

I figure that I would do a quick update on how the trip is going. Lucy and I are having lots of fun roaming around aimlessly in London and now in Paris. Thank you for all your Facebook and email suggestions. We put a pin on everything you guys suggest for us in our map, but we tend to like discovering things or happen to come across your suggestions on our long walks.

We prefer to travel with a sense of adventure and readiness to stumble upon something that in most cases, people highly recommend or is known. The difference is that the landmark is part of the day’s journey rather than the destination.

Funny enough, it actually happened today! We were strolling around in Paris. We came across this massive building with tunnel like parts from the outside. We had no clue what the building was. The uncultured us, joked that it resembled built for hamsters. However, when we came across a map, we discovered it was none other than the Centre Pompidou!!  Whoops! Hahaha, I know, it’s terrible, but Lucy and I get a kick out of it and that’s how we remember our travels.

Like I always say, blog posts just aren’t the same without some images, so here are BlogRET_DSCF0036BlogRET_DSCF0040love the light coming from the poles.BlogRET_DSCF0071

Found this cool place and had this awesome light!!!

BlogRET_DSCF0076BlogRET_DSCF0092BlogRET_DSCF0086BlogRET_DSCF0098I am a sucker for kooky names, it’s the reason why Lucy and I had to stop by and try the Guiness Pie. Check em out! ( I am a little geeky….downloaded this app before we left on our trip. Just wanted to see how fast the train would go. BlogRET_DSCF0284BlogRET_DSCF0286BlogRET_DSCF0321BlogRET_DSCF0328BlogRET_DSCF0338BlogRET_DSCF0342Lastly….I will leave you with an image of my wife…..Lucy…..who began a fun personal project where she would pose in front of landmarks with her Star Trek captain uniform with the :live long and prosper” gesture. Follow her progress on her facebook page hereBlogRET_DSCF0047

I should have another update in a week or so…till then, follow me on Instagram for more updates



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