Joyce and Clement are engaged!!

Happy Chinese New Year and Happy “regular” new year? I took a little beak from the blog after 2012 as I have been working on a few personal workflow projects. Yes, I am a little bit of a workflow junky, all the way to how I even do the dishes which drives Lucy nuts!! There is a method to my madness and although Lucy still does not understand it, I feel things can be more….efficient? meh, it’s just me. It’s my hope that these little personal projects will evolve the process’ of what goes on behind the scenes after the camera and cards are downloaded, but….I digress as usual (I don’t see that part of me changing.)

You are not here to talk about what I do behind the scenes, you are here for some eye candy! =) A couple of weeks ago, I met up with Joyce and Clement downtown for their engagement shoot. Albeit, a little cold, this cute couple powered through and the session with constant giggling and laughing kept them warm. So much so that I recall they apologized for not being all “lovey-dovey”. I reminded them that I was all for it though, I mean, this is organically them!!  I remember when I met with them the first time (Shout out to the talented designer a past bridesmaid, Winnie Ma, connected us. Thanks Winnie!!!) and when we discussed their wedding and got to know each other better, they were constantly exchanging looks and smiling at each other. That alone was my biggest take away from the first meeting and I knew that we would have a great time creating images together.

So why U of T? Well, they spent a lot of time at the school and they love the diversity in the architecture. Joyce and Clement also like playing board games a lot so they brought a simple one; “Hey! That’s My Fish!“. It’s a small box, with cute penguins on the cover. What’s not to like? However the game is fast paced, uber competitive and fun. What’s more, Clement wins all the time!!

Here are some images from the session! Have a great week everyone, stay warm!

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