Joyce and Clement are Married!!

Where do I begin? When I think about Joyce and Clement’s relationship and wedding a flurry of words come to mind. With nick names like “p**” and  “m***” which they call each other, it’s easy to say that they are quite the cute couple. However, I am going to say that the words, “intimate” and “unique” are the ones that stand out to me the most.

Intimate because they had a small wedding with close family and friends only. For most weddings, the bride and groom typically don’t know more than half the guests who attend. Not the case for Joyce and Clement. To me, it seemed like they had a story or personal connection to each one of their guests. They not only had family coming from abroad, but friends too!! Which is a true testament to how close they are with their friends. Of course, I need can’t help but mention Winnie, who is Clement’s sister. Thanks Winnie for connecting us =)

Unique because they thought about ways to personalize the wedding experience a little more. From the hand made decorations Joyce’s father put together himself, the airport code table signs as they are quite the travellers, to the few door games that wrapped up in the end to be a piece in a larger puzzle. It was just thoughtful and uniquely their own which was so nice to see. Here are some images of their special day.

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