Kelly and Yvan are Married!


This is definitely and oldie but a goodie. With the interesting weather we’ve been getting here in Toronto, I found it almost fitting that I post a winter wedding documented earlier this year. Kelly and Yvan are a beautiful couple who’s personalities mesh so well together. They both met about 4 years ago on the set of Rock of Ages. At the time, Yvan just came from Quebec and his english needed some polish, the same went for Kelly who’s French was ok but needed some work. It was there that the attraction started. Going on dates and practicing each other’s language as well as performances that sparked a relationship that will last forever.

Fast forward 4 years later in late January. They find themselves at a church surrounded by family and friends alike, exchanging their wedding vows in the language  they were unfamiliar with just 4 years ago, Kelly in french, and Yvan in english. I think that is one of the sweetest things ever! Here are some of my favorites =)


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