Liza and Rob are married

Happy New Year!!!! I know, I know, it has almost been a month but I tend to think that I can still say it since we are still in the month of January. It’s like Christmas lights!! It’s been a more than a month now and I still see them up. Secondly…we just celebrated Chinese New Year….so that counts too…but I digress…

It’s been a while since I last blogged as getting over jet lag, reconnecting with family and long last friends as well as preparing to introduce some new and exciting things, have been keeping me busy. More on that later…

Now it’s been a long time coming but I wanted to blog about Liza and Rob’s fun wedding which I had the pleasure of helping Kevin Lam with in mid August.

I recall getting to Rob’s prep location in the morning, I was introduced to and welcomed into their home. All was pretty quiet as the guys have yet to arrive. Rob was still working on making last minute revisions to his vows and his speech. As I roamed the house looking for the best possible light, I discovered many photos around the house of Rob and his family, one particular photo was of a younger Rob in the room he was working in.

Shortly after the rest of the guys came arrived and the  mad prep began. The guys were in and out within 25 minutes, typical guy prep time. When they arrived at Liza’s prep location, the bridesmaids had a ton of creative challenges for them which either tested their closeness as groomsmen, or brought them closer. Either way, they had a blast and it they too came up with creative ways to overcome the challenges. One such challenge was what the bridesmaids called “eye candy” which is only best experienced when you see the image below. This, along with other challenges set the tone for the rest of the day, ridiculously fun and hilarious.



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