Margaret and Tamer are Married!!!

Wow,  I have not seen Margaret and Tamer since their engagement in November. Regardless of that, we had a great gorgeous 27 degree weather (way better than the 35ish we’ve been getting), a lot of fun and laughter on their wedding day this past weekend.

Not sure if I mentioned this but Margaret is a teacher with some amazing students. As a surprise, her students showed up to performed as the choir for her ceremony. At this point I was inside the church getting ready for her entrance while Lucy stayed with Margaret, so this next part is Lucy retelling the story to me to the best of her memory. When Margaret got out of the limo, she heard children singing to which she said something to the effect of “Who’s singing?! Are those my kids?! Oh my goodness.” She was completely surprised and overwhelmed with joy. That is when Lucy took the following photo of Margaret realizing it was her kids singing.

Margaret smiling at her choir kids.

For this next image, I wanted to write something about the importance of having a second photographer, who is able to see from a different perspective and make images that compliment ones of the primary photographer. I was lucky to have Lucy with me for Margaret and Tamer’s wedding and this is just one of the many instances where the images from two different people compliment each other. I created the image on the left wanting a more intimate image of the couple. Lucy on the other hand wanted to make use of the beautiful architecture behind the couple. These two images were taken nano seconds apart and yet give such a different feel.

Congrats Margaret and Tamer, have fun on your honeymoon!

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  • lucyJuly 12, 2010 - 4:03 pm

    These images are great!! always a pleasure working as your second. 🙂