Merry Christmas!!!

I begin this post with something that sounded quite fitting in my head, but realized it was all too similar to Clement Clarke Moore’s Twas the night before Christmas poem.

Hours ago, we had 20 family members packed into our place for our annual family holiday gathering. This year, Lucy and I played host and was it quite a lot of work. Mind you, Lucy did most of it as I am quite incapable of multi tasking in the kitchen and this was not a meal to be messed with.

Now, Jango radio has played the playlist “Classical Christmas Music” for the last time. The sound of oven chimes, cookware, mah jong tiles laughter and chatter have now subsided. With the last morsel of pie consumed, left over turkey and sides to last us for weeks to come packed away it was now, quiet. Lucy and I are sitting on the couch trying to recuperate. We look over at each other….smile and give each other a high five. “We did it!! We managed to successfully cook a turkey for the first time, had quite a few people over for a sit down dinner at our place and got to test out some photo geekery with family.

“We make a great team” Lucy says…I smile back and nod. I am so happy to be engaged to her.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone!!!

Now, since posts are no good without photos, here is some photo geekery I was trying out with my family. Dare I say, I partook in being the subject as well. It’s the only time one can really act giddy and foolish in front of the camera.

Rob was wondering WTF I was doing.

Look..NO HANDS!!!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays again Everyone!!!

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