My intro to Evolution of Dance…and yes, Michelle and Nevin got married =)

This past Saturday was a killer wedding in so many ways…all good of course.

Michelle, Nevin and I anxiously monitored the weather closely as their big day approached. The rain had not made it’s mind about which day it was to arrive. I had my weather app set for the GTA area. When we all met to catch up a couple of days before the wedding, I found out that Nevin had his weather app set specifically for Gormely which is where their venue, Station Creek was located.

When the day arrived there was not a storm cloud in sight. It appeared the rain decided to hold off so we enjoyed beautiful weather all around for their outdoor ceremony and creatives.

Now, I think it’s safe to say that I have been to quite a few weddings, so when Michelle and Nevin approached the dance floor to perform their first dance, they surprised me.

It started off with the two of them coming together doing that high school type dance where you hold each other and kinda rock back and forth. Jack Johnson’s – Better together was playing and the moments were as sweet as they were. Within seconds, the tune changed dramatically and they started dancing to something that is just so recognizable to me even if the song was not playing. They started doing the Carlton!! Common, you gotta know the Carlton!! It’s when Carton Banks from the awesome show Fresh Prince of Bel Air dances to Tom Jone’s – It’s not Unusual!! In case you don’t know, check it out here!

Their evolution of dance routine was executed flawlessly from song to song. What was really impressive and got the crowd really going was when Michelle stood behind Nevin and reenacted the puppeteer act in Nsync’s – Bye Bye Bye…Crazy props!!!!

The crowd went insane over their overall performance and I could not help but cheer them on from behind my camera during their creative 6 minute first dance. What’s more, they only practiced twice!!!

Now I find myself googling Evolution of Dance videos on Youtube, thanks guys!! If you are curious check it out here!!

All in all, an amazing day! Would like to thanks Lucy and Spencer for helping me out as I could not have done it without their amazing help. Enough talk, here are some images of the day.

Michelle, Nevin, thank you so much for having me be part of your special day!

Michelle’s Dress: Mori Lee  – Floral Frilled Organza
Michelle’s Shoes: Badgley Mischka
Nevin’s Shoes: Prada
Ceremony location: Station Creek Golf Club (Melissa Freeland was amazing!!!)
Reception location: Station Creek Golf Club
DJ: Andrew Mayes from 
Impact Entertainment
Custom Invitations and Programs: Randi Cheng
Cupcakes: Dessert Lady
Florist: PPB Studio (Kitty)
Officiant: Suzanne Peters

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