Nechelle and Jivan are engaged!!

I used to work with Jivan. He is a super talented web developer and all around nice guy. When he told me he and his girlfriend Nechelle was getting married I was excited! I had never met Nechelle before, but I heard nothing but good things. The three of us met over lunch one weekend just to get to know each other better. We got talking about how they met, Jivan’s awesome proposal (I would tell it but writing it would not do it any justice. Just take my word for it when I say it was so him when he proposed) and how they want their wedding to be remembered. It was plain to see that these two are meant for each other, they joked around and just got each other, it would not surprise me if they were the couple who finished each other’s sentences. Soon after, we began shooting their engagement photos which was such a breeze with the exception of getting serious photos of these two. =) Here are a couple of my favorites.

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