Nechelle and Jivan are Married!! Part 2


After what must have been one of the hottest days this summer I was glad to be mainly indoors for Nechelle and Jivan’s second day of celebration. The day started with Nechelle getting ready at her parent’s home. Although busy with last minute touches and little things to do, you could tell that every time Nechelle’s parents had a look at their daughter that they were happy and proud. Nechelle’s sisters were on hand and ready to help her with anything which is always nice.

As Nechelle was getting all done up, I went for taking some images of her sari and may I say that in itself was quite the challenge. It is super elegant and full of details yes, but what you don’t see in the images was how heavy this thing was!!! The intricately made sari was easily over 5 pounds, which is why I had Lucy close by just in case. Nechelle, how you wore that all day long and still managed to get through the day without rest is beyond me!! Regardless, the sari looked beautiful on it’s own but when Nechelle put it on, it was a different story. The light in the room started to glow and her helpful sisters were helping Nechelle with her jewelry as her mom stood by and could not help but cry, it was quite the moment.

Meanwhile, I had my friend and colleague Kevin Lam help me document Jivan’s prep where I was told there too was no shortage of tears. However, the tears came from Jivan!!! It’s not what you think though, apparently Jivan needed to get some eye make up done and although his sister was super careful and gentle, us guys are just not used to putting stuff near our eyes.

Shortly after all family, friends, bride and groom met at the Hindu Heritage Centre in Mississauga for their Hindu ceremony.

Enough from me…here are the images of the day. Congrats Nechelle, Jivan!!

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