Neelofur and Faisal are Married – Part 1

Late last year I one of my brides, Nechelle refered me to one of her friends as they were looking for a photographer. That is how I came into contact with a very nice and enthusiastic Zeb. She was the mother of Faisal, the groom. Her emails were filled with kind words and compliments about my work, it also ooozed with enthusiasm of wedding details. With that, she was ready to book me sight unseen!! I was flattered, however like other couples who wanted to do the same, I expressed the importance of the relationship I need to develop with my couples. There needs to be a right fit before either party should commit to anything as important as documenting their special day. Zeb happily agreed. We all got together to meet later and hit it off!  Neelofur and Faisal’s engagement session was nothing but fun and relaxed.

Flash forward to just a couple of weeks (yes, i used a camera reference in there…pretty clever if I do say so myself)…and it was just part one of their wedding celebration which included a Mehndi and Nikah as well as quick creative session. If there is one thing I walked away learning from this couple after spending time with their family and friends is that they love to party. Everyone danced and danced like no one’s business which was super fun to document and experience. Here are some photos from day one.

Thanks Joee and Lucy for helping me out with Neelofur and Faisal’s wedding!!!

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