oodles of noodles….

In an effort to expand my culinary skill set, I recently picked up  Real Simple’s recipe book. They claim that all the recipes take less than 20 minutes to prepare. Intriguing I thought….but I can do better…if i was just cooking for myself that is.

For those who know me, know that I love noodles and pastas. They are my carb of choice. I remember having this conversation with Wendy and Kevin recently on one of our catch up sessions. They had just come back from eating Ramen and the conversation went from there. It gets trickier when I visit a vietnamese pho restaurant as the rice options are appealing…but 9/10 times, I will pick a steamy bowl of hot pho. It’s my kinda comfort food, in fact, that is actually a wedding tradition that I started with my team a couple of years ago. So far without fail, after every wedding, we will hit up on a pho restaurant and enjoy.

When people find out, they are often surprised, and I am not sure why…I tell them that I can’t cook anything elaborate and that I can only really cook for myself. Since I am the only one that I know of who can have meals the way I do. You see, the reason why I think I can do better than the recipes on the magazine is because I can live off noodles and some seasoning. Simple..like what I just made today. Yummy no??? Just me? took me 8 minutes flat!!! Take that!!

What’s your favorite simple food that you can just live off?

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