Photo of the Week (Week#4)

These photos of the week come a little late. I got home just about an hour ago from work and it proved to be quite the challenging shoot. Did I do well? There is always room to do better but I am happy with what turned out and how I got to the result.

Photo of the Week (Wekk #4)



I don’t like posting out of focus shots, I really don’t…this is the result of trying to focus in pitch black while moving. I was so close to deleting this image when culling through the day’s take, but there is just something to this image that I like, and I hope you can appreciate too. PAW4_6104

Good night everyone.

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  • AngelaSeptember 2, 2009 - 6:32 am

    Kevin, this evening shot is beautifuly! Did you take this from Centre Island or while you were on the harbour cruise?