Pooja and Dhiren

My husband and I married in 2013 with a South East Asian flair. Kevin and his team did a tremendous job capturing every moment of our 3 day event. Kevin understands that wedding planning, although busy and hectic, is such a special time for the couple. He takes the time to get to know the couple on a more personal level. This in turn helped us to feel at ease and made use feel more comfortable to be open and honest with the specific shots we wanted. Even if it meant working a little later than planned, he will not rest until the story is complete. His ability to capture the essence of an intimate moment is uncanning. As we look back on our wedding photo album, we can literally feel all the emotion and joy behind the photo. The album helps use to relive our most cherished moments! For all you couples wedding planning out there, do not miss this opportunity to have your wedding photography captured by the uniquely talented Kevin Fung!

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