Sandy and Albert are Married!!!!

OK, this is going to be a big one….so please have a seat and make yourself comfortable while I show you my take on what must have been one of the best weddings I have ever had to attend and document.Ok…you sitting down? Comfy?

I think it’s safe to say that I have been to many weddings and although each one is unique in it’s own way, Sandy and Albert’s felt very different for me. Sure, Sandy and Albert are both friends, and yes, this was a destination wedding taking place in the beautiful outskirts of Vancouver, and yes, I was helping Joee out on this one, however, what trumps it all was how much I have emotional investment to the Sandy and Albert. I have assisted many photographers before but to know the couple like I know Sandy and Albert brought on a very different perspective and dimension to the way I documented. It is for this reason that for me the wedding started with the above image.

I have known Sandy and Albert for a couple of years now and we have had the opportunity to work with each other as well as travel together on multiple occasions. How I came to meet Sandy and Albert was through Joee, who mentored both Sandy and myself. If I am not mistaken, Sandy was Joee’s first protégée and when it was her time to tie the knot there was not a question that she commissioned him to document her wedding and I was asked to help out. By the time this image was made Joee and I have been documenting Sandy and Albert’s wedding celebration for a little over a day already. This was day 2 and as Sandy watched her dream backyard wedding unravel, from her prep room at The Cammidge House, Joee had just entered the room to joined her by the window. This could have been anyone, but it was very serendipitous to have not only a great photographer present, but a friend and mentor share in the moments to come. It is because I understood this connection that I was able to commit to the image before even pressing the shutter or fidgeting with the settings.

I think that this is something many brides overlook when they meet with potential photographers. Let’s face it, there are many photographers to chose from, many of whom are very talented and do great work, however, to find one whom you get along with and who is ready to emotionally invest in you is tough. It is then that you know you will get beautiful images of organic moments.

So….let’s talk more about the day now, let’s start with day 1 which was where Albert and his boys were put to the test with a series of challenges which were performed nicely. Albeit, the passing sea weed challenge was the hardest as it kept dropping due to the wind.


Throughout the day, there was a flurry of activity from set up to getting ready. Despite all that going on, I would see Sandy and Albert constantly finding places to write. At first, I thought that they were still writing their vows but I should have known better. Friends and family are very dear to Sandy and Albert and what they were actually doing was writing personalized notes to each and every guest, myself included!!! That’s so sweet guys, thank you for the note.
So throughout the day as Sandy was getting ready, Albert had a series of surprise gifts for her. One after another they came in boxes big and small. Each very well thought out and special. Here is one of the gifts Albert got Sandy.

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Congrats guys!!!

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