Sara & Jon

Wedding planning is usually a very stressful and demanding process. Considering all the work we had to deal with before our wedding, dealing with Kevin was the easiest, most natural and effortless on our end.

Given all the photographers we interviewed and potentially wanted to hire, Kevin’s presentation and his professionalism sold us from the start! He showed us his photo shoots he’s done in the past and what really sold us was his custom made creative wedding album he makes for each couple.

When we described how we wanted our wedding photos, Kevin’s taste and understanding was on point to our expectations. He was open to suggestions but did a great job creatively exploring ways to get the perfect photo.

On our wedding day, he was on time and commanding when he needed photos, which I thought would be difficult considering how large our wedding was and how chaotic the day felt to us.

We were very pleased by the professionalism Kevin brought to our wedding and till this day, we recommend him to all our engaged friends, who are looking for a wedding photographer.

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