Stephanie and Chuck are Married!!!

I am going to start this post off with a quick congrats to Steph’s (and now Chuck’s) parents as they recently celebrated their 30 year wedding anniversary. These two were as sweet as they come, super attentive to each other and very much in love. Congrats!!!

Now, the sweetness did not stop there,  Stephanie and Chuck were super nice and sweet to to each other and everyone around. I remember when I first met them, I noticed that Chuck was a true gentleman and always opened the door for Stephanie. During our engagement session which was a little cold, they were very attentive about each other and made sure that I was ok too! Over our dim sum meet, they knew what each other wanted without even saying it and were kind enough to make sure I was well fed. They even invited myself, Lucy and Ron to stay for the reception even though our official coverage was over!! Steph, Chuck, thanks for being so thoughtful and kind.

The day of their wedding day came and when I arrived at Stephanie’s prep location everything was pretty calm. Contrary to what both Steph and Chuck talked to me about being stressed and really anxious, Stephanie was getting prepped by the talented Annie Kue while I had some time with her dress of other details, meanwhile, her bridesmaids were busy cooking something up for the guys. I recall that games were not something that was going to happen initially, but I guess Steph’s girl’s convinced her otherwise. Back at the guy’s place, Ron and Lucy were having a great time documenting the guys trying to put themselves together while battling to put some ice time via PS3.

Here are some images of the day.

Congrats Steph, Chuck!!!

Bride’s dress: San Patrick
Hall location: Le Parc, Lina McLaughlin
DJ Contact: Good Vibrations
Flowers: Graceful Flowers, Rita Wong
Cake Decorator: Kimberly Ip
Make-up: Annie Kue
Transportation: Celebrity Limosine



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