I have been busy organizing files and processing for the blog as well as getting ready for the upcoming wedding season. Really want to catch up to real time but I must admit, I have taken a little time here and there for myself but it’s because I have been busy at work also. In any case, the reason this is a “super post” is because I will be posting two past weddings I helped shoot with Margaret.

Firstly we have Crystal and Joeseph! Who got married on July 19, 2008. After the ceremony, we went to Scarborough’s Guildwood Park which was an amazing location for photos.  It was a beautiful day and I remember that there were at least 5 other brides present at the park for photos. I strongly recommend any bride to check it out as a possible location for photos with family and wedding party, more info here.


img_0095img_5444Here’s best part, as we were leaving the location, there was another bride who arrived in beautiful vintage Rolls Royce. Margaret and I thought it would be awesome if we could use the car for a couple of photos so I kindly asked the bride and groom if we could borrow the vehicle to make Crystal and Joe’s day even more special. The result is as follows…


to be conotinued…

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