Susan and Kevin are Married!!!

What can I say about Susan and Kevin? Well, they are probably the hardest working couple I know. Kevin being a mill right and  Susan holding a few jobs at once! However, just because they work hard does not mean they don’t know how to have fun, more on that later. We met in November last year. Over coffee we talked about their how they found each other, what their hobbies were, life in general as well as their wedding plans. I recall walking away from our first meet with a great deal of enthusiasm as I felt a genuine connection with Susan and Kevin.  Since then, we kept an open line of communication where we would discuss anything from the wedding, work, Calphalon cooking classes, to playing Call of Duty on Xbox (Kevin and I have yet to play as I am afraid he’s going to kick my @ss). Susan and Kevin were just naturally easy to people to work with as seen on their engagement session. Their wedding last weekend was no exception; full of fun, laughter and just hanging out as friends would, the hours went by so quickly!

I have not blogged in a while and I know you are all here for the photos than to read my banter, here are some, a crap load of photos from the day.

In regards to Susan and Kevin knowing how to have fun. I really needed to tell you all about their speech. It was the easily the most creative and entertaining bride and groom speeches I have ever experienced. Their speech started out with thanking everyone from family to friends as well as some beautiful words to each other. They then proceeded to tell everyone the story of how they got together. So, if you ever had the pleasure of growing up watching Will Smith in his early years as the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, you can play the show’s theme song in your head while reading the following. Those who have no clue what I am talking about, refer to this link.


So this is a story all about howI got up here in a wedding gown.
So gimme just a minute, don’t lose your curls, I’ll tell you how I became Mrs. Squirrels.

In east Toronto born and raised I got into club downtown at Peter and Adelaide.

At Milwaukee’s where I spent most of my Fridays

We were chilling by the dance floor, acting like fools

When we saw a couple of dudes who were up to no good

We started moving closer to see if they were from the hood

I had one little drink and I started to think
Could this be the key to my missing link?


I whistled for this girl and when she came near
I got a little nervous so I bought another beer
If anything I could say that this girl was rare
She was Chinese and had pretty long hair

So here we are, rapping for you
The story of Kevin Malkamaki and Susan Trieu
I look at my future, I am finally here
Pour me a shot and lets get this party into gear!

In closing I wanted to bring up the importance of having a good team. I was truly blessed to have both Lucy and Spencer with me for Kevin and Susan’s wedding. I would not have been able the day would not have been as smooth and as nicely documented without them. In addition to them, I have to recognize all the other wedding providers as we all as worked together very well to make the day go by so smoothly. Provider list to follow. Susan, Kevin, thank you so much for having us share your special day with you. Congrats again and hope to re-connect soon.

Make up: Jacquie Jeffrey – Make-up Forever
Sherry-Ann Welch and Mari
Valentino Siriani and Alex (MC)
Julie Chan – Petals
Cinema: Eugene Lo- Cinematic Weddings
Ceremony/Reception Venue: Megan Rosart (very helpful) – The Country Club


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  • JoeeSeptember 7, 2010 - 8:43 am

    WOW !!! Susan, FINALLY ! I’m very happy for you and Kevin (your husband, Kevin). Had my wedding not run a little longer than expected, I would have stopped by to say my congrats in person.

    Wishing you both lots of love and laughter. Congratulations again !


    p.s. Well done, Kevin, Lucy and Spencer

  • Suvi NSeptember 7, 2010 - 11:48 am

    Just had to say… Absolutely amazing photos!

    The photographers (Fungke Blog) has truly captured this special day… and this blog entry with the blow by blow details as well as the (now infamous) wedding speech from Susan & Kevin is just the perfect recapture of how unique this couple is and what a memorable day it was.

    Congrats again Susan & Kevin!


  • AliethSeptember 7, 2010 - 8:02 pm

    beautiful I love the wedding gowns, the red look fabulous on you
    may all your dreams come through. I will await the babies
    best wishes for you both