Susan and Mike are Married!

I recall that this was one busy weekend. Just the day before, I assisted Ron in photographing my friend Adam’s wedding. The following day, we were ready to document Susan and Mike’s wedding. Again, the weather was iffy with rain coming and going, but we made the best of it, it also helped that Susan and Mike just ran with it.

susan_mike_0052susan_mike_0082susan_mike_01500223i personally love above pairing. the first one was taken when it was Susan’s turn to say her vows while her mother was tearing.
susan_mike_0340susan_mike_0397susan_mike_0415susan_mike_0430yes, this is a blurry photo but i wanted to post it because i thought it was kinda funny. As I mentioned before, the weather was quite erratic and unpredictable. Ron and I just set up the bridal party photo with two golf carts in the background. After one shot, it started to pour! The groomsmen hopped on the golf carts while the brides maids just started running back to find cover from the rain.0452is this not a cute looking cake?susan_mike_0567

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