Suzanne and Marc are Married!!!

I remember the day I first met Suzanne and Marc. We had multiple email exchanges as they were out of town at the time and we finally met at an outdoor cafe enjoying the beautiful weather and each other’s company last August. I remember leaving the 3-4 hour meeting knowing that we had an amazing connection as we talked about our recent travels and other life experiences.

They had just returned from China where Suzanne had been researching and writing the China chapters of her book (BTW, she’s an awesome writer who has been published everywhere but most recently published on the huffington post, check it out here!!). Marc at the time was was working on something super complex. Very patiently he watered his work down so that I would understand it. I have to say Marc, I got the gist of then, but had no clue about the mechanics on how you were going to accomplish. With that said, his passion and enthusiasm for his work was very apparent and I left thinking, this guys is as excited about his work than I am about photography and my couples.

Throughout the year, we touched base a few times over ramen and other beverage meets where I got to know Suzanne and Marc a little more. Suzanne the uber talented writer and Marc who is one to quite literally take the time to smell the roses. They are such a sweet couple, always understanding and forever patient. They later decided to relocate to Vancouver. Booooo, I like Vancouver too but Toronto is different without Suzanne and Marc. They also got to know more about Fungke, me. Yes, I spoke in the third person (that is the right person I am referring to right?) because of all my couples, Suzanne, Marc, their family and friends referred to me as Fungke rather than Kevin which was pretty cool hehe.

A week before the wedding, I hear that Marc was turning is idea into fruition when he took part and won 1st place for his idea, Route Captain, at Vancouver’s Startup Weekend which I have to say is the coolest thing. He is now looking for support on his venture and I have to say that I believe in his venture and I believe in him. Show him some support and tweet, share or give to help make his idea come to life here!!

Although they met in school they have shared some pretty crazy adventures travelling the world and meeting interesting people and life long friend along the way. Which brings me to their wedding where they were blessed with a beautiful day, close family and friends, which was not small but remained a very intimate affair at the Bayview Golf and Country Club. Their guests came from various corners of the world, and those who did not make it sent them a video greeting which was sweet. Here are some images of the day.



Congrats Suzanne, Marc!! Thank you for letting me be part of your lives and for sharing in your special day.
Thanks also goes out to Lucy and Paul who helped me out throughout the day.


BTW!!!! Don’t forget to check out Norris’ same day edit video!


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