The Elna and Dave Proposal

A couple of months ago, I was briefed by Joee on one of his top secret missions. The mission was to document a live engagement. The challenge was not only to be discreet, but to know who to photograph! I have never met Dave and Elna before and although a live proposal is not something one would miss, it took place in the middle of Brookfield place where there is generally a lot of people walking around.

I met Joee after Margaret and Tamer’s engagement session and we scouted the area and came up with a game plan to get the best possible coverage. As the time drew near we split up and took our positions. Shortly after the targets I mean Dave and Elna showed up with a bunch of their friends. It took every trick in the spy book to maintain visual while not being seen. Dave motioned for Elna to be by his side, as soon as that happened, friends surrounded the couple with rose petals and it began.


Congrats guys!!

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  • JoeeJanuary 29, 2010 - 9:57 am

    That was a crazy day ! Thanks for coming out on short notice. The wedding is gonna be off da chain !!! Dave and Elna are an amazing couple.