The importance of photos

Digital copy of the canvas my cousins gifted to my grandparents.

It was Christmas 2011. The last round of mah jong was played and long after being stuffed with turkey, pot roast and other fixings, my family gathered around the holiday tree for the traditional gift exchange. We each take a turn at grabbing something from the tree and unwrapping to uncover what goodies Santa (yes, Santa exists) had in store for us.

For me, some socks, PJs, magazines, gift cards and fresh produce to remind me to eat healthy…nice.

It was now my grandparents turn. It turns out that Santa (my cousins) created a collage of images on canvas of photos from the past and present. They loved it…we all loved it. Photos were from various times, which included when my grandparents got married, had my aunt and uncle, their travels, their first car, family events just to name a few.

“This has three generations of family all in one” said my grandfather as he smiled and pointed and recounted the moments in each other photos of the collage. This was a great gift.

In the off season, I try to make time to visit my grandparents here and there. In one recent visit, I found them both sitting on the couch, canvas in hand  contemplating each image on the canvas as though they were reliving each moment.

It was such a precious moment. I ran out and had to grab my camera, as I was snapping away, I started reflecting and I was reminded that when it comes to families, there are very few things that are as precious as moments like this and the moments that were captured in that collage.

Happy Thursday everyone, thanks Felicia for sending me the digital file!


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