Tina and Mike are Married!!

Woohoo!!! I have been meaning to blog Tina and Mike’s wedding for a while but with everything that has been going on lately, I am a little behind. (*sorry*). If you don’t remember Tina and Mike, I photographed their engagement last year (their images can be found here). Like many of my amazing couples, they were refered to me by a past couple, specifically Kevin and Susan.

Spencer and I started coverage at the Old Mill Chapel where Tina and Mike had their ceremony. I recall the weather was being a little irratic, calling for rain and thundershowers. Thankfully, the rain held off and the sun was shining all throughout the creatives which gave us this beautiful light to work with. Here are some images of the day.


Now I know by now, all of you have heard, seen, experienced and maybe even danced to Gangnam style. Firstly, I must concede that when Tina and Mike told me that they were going to perform this at the conclusion of their first dance when I met with them at their wedding rehearsal, I had absolutely no clue what they were talking about. They laughed, I crawled into my little hole in my mind. “Gundam style??” I thought to myself…large dancing robots perhaps? They then told me to youtube it, there was no way I was going to miss it since it already had 300 000 views, and so I did that evening. Within the first 30 seconds of watching, I yelled. “LUCY!!!!” Who was in the next room. She rushed over only to find me pointing and laughing uncontrollably at the my monitor while Psy was doing the famous imaginary riding the horse move. We both bursted out laughing because for the past few weeks prior, Lucy would ask me follow her in some awkward cowboy dance that she made up which turns out to be a couple steps just short of Gangnam style. Every time she asked me to dance with her, I would look around, make sure nobody’s looking and oblige. When we both saw the video she swears that she had never seen it before and that her dance is not so weird after all. (sorry, this was a longer tangent than I thought….) In short, what I wanted to say was Tina and Mike did an amazing job emulating the dance and thank them for opening my eyes to this. 

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