Meet the Ames Family

As I get older (ok, I am not that old), I find that a lot of those things that were once paramount to me become less and less so.  What’s taken its place is family. Where I would loathe those long family dinners, I now relish them. I love being able to go on walks with my parents, join in on my brothers pub nights. I just love spending time with them and being able to count on them. It was a similar feeling when I photographed the Ames family recently.

Brianna got in touch with me when the weather was warming up for a family portrait session. She said that her family isn’t all together very often as they are scattered around the country for work so it would be nice if they got a photo all together which was sooo nice. When I finally got to meet the family at Evergreen Brickworks, it was so nice and warm. They were hilarious together and kept the session fun. Here are some images from the session.

The Ames FamilyThe Ames FamilyThe Ames FamilyThe Ames FamilyThe Ames Family=
The Ames Family

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