Tuncay and Isa are Married!!

I remember Tuncay and Isa’s wedding day very well. We’ve been having some erratic weather but mother nature decided to take part the storm clouds and provide Tuncay and Isa with beaming sunshine and hot temperatures.

I met Isa at school which seems like forever! We stayed in touch after school and tried to make time to meet up here and there. Although Isa can be serious, he is generally really goofy, so I was really interested in meeting Tuncay when they got engaged. Will she be goofier or more serious to keep him in check =P ? More importantly….How do I pronounce her name without the end result of me crawling into a hole of embarrassment??

When we met, I introduced myself first and she introduced herself in a soft voice. With all the ambient noise I barely heard her but decided to smile and nod along to avoid what I thought would be an awkward moment (if you know me, I am a facilitator of said moments). Over dinner I quickly found out Tuncay (pronounced Tun~Jah) was latter; being super goofy. They complimented each other so well and reacted the same way to the corny jokes I dispensed. I knew that their wedding was going to be nothing short of amazing.

On the day, I was lucky to have Lucy and Albert help me out . Thanks guys!!

Bride Prep….

Groom prep…..

Going through the images of the day, there were many little moments that made me laugh and I wanted to share this one with you. So, there was the traditional cake cutting ceremony where Tuncay did her happy dance showing her approval of her fondant covered wedding confection. It was hard to keep my camera still but I am glad I kept shooting , because it was at that point that they caught a glimpse of my surprise same day edit on one of the many projection screens.

Ceremony location: Paradise Banquet Hall
Hall location: Paradise Banquet Hall
DJ Contact: Good Vibrations

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