How a wedding planner can help with your proposal

The weather was perfect, the decorations were just as I planned. The photographer and videographer were standing by as I stood in the designated spot to ensure the best light. The ground beneath me felt softer and softer. Probably because I had been pacing on the same spot for a while now. I could not help but think that I forgot something. Although I had a checklist and completed it all, something was missing.

My phone vibrates…ETA 5 minutes. Ok, shits getting real now, Lucy’s on her way. Last check…microphone, check, flowers, check, ring, check. Then, it hit me…All this effort for the perfect surprise proposal but, what was I going to say to her once she arrives?!

This was me 5 years ago! Man, oh man, I could have greatly benefited from the help of a wedding planner for my surprise proposal!! Here are a few things that I learned when I had a chat with a couple of local wedding planners about their thoughts on planning proposals.

The Vendor Network

Although I was fortunate enough to have help from some friendors for my proposal. I did find myself out of my depth when it came down to decor and florals. I recall having to contact 14 different florists just have 3 get back to me and 1 actually have what I was looking for. While chatting with Carmen from Devoted to You, she mentioned that working with a planner opens up a whole network of vendors who can help execute the dream proposal – both aesthetically and logistically.


If you are planning a proposal, you will undoubtedly have work commitments and although it’s possible to pull it off. Wendy from Asian Fusion Weddings says it best. “Simply put, there are some things that you just won’t be able to do on your own and the having someone who’s sole responsibility is to ensure your proposal goes according to plan is invaluable.” Wendy also wanted to remind those looking to propose that, where there is a set up, there also has to be tear down and more than likely, you won’t want to do that after you hear “I do”. The two of you should just be able to go and enjoy the precious moments of being newly engaged.

The Proposal Experience

At the end of my conversation with Wendy and Carmen, both gave me the same advice for those who are looking to propose. Wedding planners help reduce anxiety and nervousness. That way you can focus on enjoying the moments leading up to and following the proposal. So, leave the myriad of details to someone else so that you can focus on the main thing that matters – popping the question. All this to say, don’t be like me and consider contacting a Wendy or Carmen if you are planning a proposal.

Document It

Believe it or not, hours after I proposed to Lucy. I had no memory of what I said. I guess I was really nervous, but I was so lucky to have both Sandy Tam and Norris Wong capture the whole thing so that we could remember and relive the experience. This was not meant to be a shameless plug, but just to say that it really worth having your vision documented.


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